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Florida remains top state for foreign buyers, survey shows (8/9/17)

Chinese, Canadians, and Mexicans: Top Foreign Buyers in April 2016–March 2017 (8/7/17)

Nine International Areas Real Estate Investors Should Give A Look (8/3/17)


JULY 2017

20 of the best US housing markets for investing in real estate (7/30/17)

Foreign investment wave continues in South Carolina (7/30/17)

Seattle Is the Second-Most Desirable City for Chinese Millionaires (7/27/17)

Foreigners are buying US residential real estate at a record clip (7/18/17)

Thank the Canadians for Helping Boost U.S. Homebuying by Foreigners (7/18/17)

Foreigners buy record number of U.S. homes despite fears of immigration crackdown (7/18/17)

Phoenix’s rise as a secondary and tertiary market (7/17/17)

JUNE 2017

Ten Best Cities For Global Real Estate Investors (6/29/17)

Scotland, NC promoted at foreign investment summit (6/26/17) 

Investment in investments: Officials pitch Arizona to foreign investors (6/24/17)

Foreign Direct Investment: Driving Global Competitiveness and Innovation (6/19/17)

Why LA’s tech market is working to woo foreign investors (6/17/17)

China's real estate investors on a $200B global spending spree (6/16/17)

Ask the Expert: How Do Global Clients Differ From Domestic Clients?

State Of The Boston Market: More Foreign Investment, Downtown's Back And Seaport Improvements (6/8/17)

Foreign Investment In U.S. Real Estate Rising (6/6/17)

Realtors® Survey: Led By China, Foreign Investment in U.S. Commercial Real Estate on the Rise (6/6/17)

Connecting to Global at Your Local Association (6/6/17)

Las Vegas businesses seek to nurture more foreign investment (6/5/17)

Student Housing's 'Economic Resilience' Will Continue To Drive Record Foreign, Domestic Investment In U.S. Assets (6/5/17)

Alabama foreign investment tops $1.5 billion in 2016, creating 3,250 jobs (6/1/17)

MAY 2017


Foreign buyers set for greater impact on US housing market (5/22/17)

Immigration’s Affect on the Housing Market (5/21/17)

Chinese real estate investors interested in Miami market (5/21/2017)

Asa Hutchinson: Arkansas Leads Nation in Foreign Direct Investment (5/20/2017)

7 U.S. Seaports Driving Economic Growth And Industrial Demand (5/17/17)

Pre-Screening Homes for Good Feng Shui (5/10/17)

The New Hot Spots for Luxury Real Estate Around the World (5/8/17)

Realtors learn about types of visas for foreign nationals (5/5/17)

After Another Last-Minute Extension, Legislators Focus on EB-5 Reform (5/4/17)

Louisiana wins federal grant to track foreign investment (5/2/17)

Congress Proposes to Extend the EB-5 Regional Center Program Through the End of FY 2017 (5/1/17)

APRIL 2017

Springfield project deepens foreign investment in Ohio (4/25/17)

Seattle: a new tech haven for foreign investors? (4/25/17)

What Trump's First 100 Days Tell Us About Foreign Investment In U.S. Real Estate (4/24/17)

Foreign investment helps diversify county economy (4/24/17)

Birmingham Has Notable Year for Foreign Investment (4/20/17)

Global cross-border spend worth US$426.8b (4/19/17)

Acquisition of Citation North Apartment Homes Showcases Houston Real Estate Market's Attractive Investment Opportunities for Global Investors (4/18/17)

Immigrants Key Driver of Homeownership—Could U.S. Policy Curb Momentum? (4/17)

Why Global Matters: Looking Beyond Borders Integral to LeadingRE’s Growth (4/17)

Congress Likely To Extend EB-5 Visa Program Again (4/6/17)

Miami Realtors Sign 10 New International Partnerships (4/4/17)

MARCH 2017

Chapel Hill student housing complex sold to foreign investors for $67.5M (3/31/17)

Seven Things to Know About Russian Real Estate Investors (3/27/17)

Impending Brexit realities affect UK, Europe, U.S. — and Miami (3/26/17)

Los Angeles ranks as the top choice in the U.S. for international real estate investors (3/21/17)


For China’s middle class, Brooklyn real estate offers more than a green card (3/21/17)

This visa program connected foreign investors to dozens of real estate projects. Is it doomed under Trump? (3/18/17)

Snowbirds may soon be allowed 8 months in U.S., but could risk provincial health benefits (3/6/17)

Despite Global Uncertainty, Financiers Remain Positive on European, U.S. Outlook (3/2/17)


Global appliance maker to bring plant, 500-plus jobs to Clarksville (2/27/17) 

Foreign investment cited as boon to Pittsburgh-region economy (2/25/17)

4 reasons international high-net-worth buyers invest in U.S. real estate (2/24/17)

FinCEN Renews Anti-Money Laundering Efforts for High-End Real Estate Transactions (2/24/17)

Why Foreign Investors Are Attracted to the Southeast Real Estate Market (2/23/17)

Asian buyers transforming the U.S. cross-border landscape (2/22/17) 

5 Steps to Communicate More Successfully Across Cultures (2/21/17)

Dallas on the rise as one of world's top property investment markets (2/6/17)

Boston Third Top Choice of Foreign Real Estate Investors After New York and Los Angeles (2/6/17)

Hispanic homeownership rate surged in 2016 (2/3/17)

The Most Affordable Major Housing Markets Are In U.S., Survey Says (2/2/17)


Economy Watch: Global Commercial Real Estate Investment Forecast for Growth in ’17 (1/23/17)

Top 9 Places to Buy Real Estate Overseas in 2017 (1/20/17)

Foreign investment is crucial to Fairfax County’s economy (1/17/17)

Foreign Investment in U.S. Property to Remain Strong in 2017, China Top Investor (1/13/17)

Breaking Ground: Chinese Investment in US Real Estate (1/11/17)

American buyers show more interest in MX (1/9/17) 

New Year Predictions: What’s on Tap for Real Estate in 2017? (1/9/17)

US RE Grabs Foreign Investors' Intentions! (1/3/17)

Growing number of Americans retire outside the U.S. (1/3/17)


New technology helps even less wealthy Chinese invest in US real estate (12/26/16)

NAR Global’s Top 10 Moments in 2016 (12/22/16) 

International buyers shift, spend less in Florida (12/19/16)

International Money Laundering Organization Issues U.S. Recommendations (12/16/16)

New York still the apple of foreign property investors' eyes: survey (12/15/16)

Mount Snow cleared to receive foreign investment (12/14/16)

Tokyo Regains Costliest City for Expats Title as London Drops (12/14/16)

Colombia Again Registers Most Foreign Searches for Miami Real Estate (12/13/16)

Russians flock to U.S. real estate after Trump victory (12/8/16)

Why pay more for the same thing?’: Vancouver tax pushes Chinese buyers to $1 million Seattle homes (12/5/16) 

What China's Capital Controls Mean For Global Real Estate (12/5/16)

What likely won’t change under Trump: Foreign investment in Boston (12/1/16)

Polish-American Business Club holds investment summit (12/1/16)

Guest Column: Foreign investment in Ohio drives jobs and economic growth (12/1/16)


China's Favorite U.S. Visa Program May Have Ally In Donald Trump (11/30/16)

What Should a Global Investor Expect from Multi-Housing in 2017? (11/28/16)

Mexico’s Riviera Maya: foreign buyers boost home sales on Yucatán (11/25/16)

Foreign investors pouring billions into Seattle commercial real estate (11/12/16)

9 Global Events That May Change YOUR Real Estate Market (11/10/16) 

Trump Presidency Unlikely to Thwart Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate (11/9/16)

Will Foreign Investment Save New York City? (11/3/16)

Global commercial real estate volumes strengthen: JLL (11/2/16)


Miami real estate likely to be increasingly attractive to buyers from China (10/31/16)

Why did three of the biggest Dallas office tower deals go to foreign buyers? (10/28/16)

More Chinese Buyers Are Coming to America (10/18/16)

China pours $10.7 billion into overseas real estate in first half (10/18/16)

Many French home buyers are drawn to South Florida (10/16/16)

Wealthy Chinese buyers are a growing force in U.S. real estate markets (10/14/16)

A World of Opportunity: Trends and Tips for Building Global Business (10/13/16) 

Tennessee leads the nation in direct foreign investment (10/9/16)


U.S. Commercial Real Estate: A Favorite among Foreign Investors (9/28/16)

Vancouver smacks Chinese with real estate tax, but will they head south? (9/27/16)

California dreamin' for Chinese investors in US (9/26/16)

The strongest global housing markets unveiled (9/20/16)

Seattle becomes No. 1 U.S. market for Chinese homebuyers (9/15/16) 

Chinese Real Estate Buyers Are Shifting Preferences (9/2/16)

Tax Talk: Do International Real Estate Investors Have to Pay U.S. Taxes After A Sale? (9/1/16)


Chinese investors continue to pump cash into US real estate (8/31/16)

Foreign buyers at Millennium Tower show that Boston is on a world stage (8/30/2016) 

Chinese Cash Pours Into U.S. Real Estate (8/30/16)

New immigration proposal would benefit foreign investors in US startups (8/26/16) 

Education Insider: Tuning Into the Global Real Estate Opportunities in Your Own Backyard (8/16/16) 

Brexit Uncertainty Has Wealthy Asians Looking West (8/10/16) 

Six Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch for What Remains of 2016 (8/10/16)

Why is the CIPS certification important if you're considering buying or selling an international property? (Real Estate Today, radio interview)

Miami’s Industrial Market Poised to Benefit from Panama Canal Expansion, Cuba (8/8/16)

Online Property Portals Around the World (8/5/16)

JULY 2016

Anti-Money Laundering Operation Expanded (7/27/16)

Greenville, Charleston mayors see growth from foreign investment (7/21/16)

Is a foreign buyer in your home’s future? (7/20/16)

Six Things You Need to Know about International Real Estate (7/19/16) 

Foreign investment pouring into Florida's commercial real estate market, according to CBRE report (7/14/16)

How immigration boosts foreign investment (7/14/16) 

Could Brexit Actually Be a Positive for US Real Estate? (7/13/16)

Brexit Spurs International Interest in U.S. Commercial Real Estate (7/12/16)

Foreign buyers flood US real estate, but buy cheaper homes (7/6/16) 

Ranking the Most Transparent Markets for Global Real Estate Investors (7/6/16) 

What to Know About Chinese Buyers in the U.S. (7/6/16)

5 ways U.S. and global markets are rethinking Brexit (7/4/16)

Brexit backlash: A boon for NY? (7/1/16)

JUNE 2016

The Effect of Brexit on the US Housing Market (6/30/16)

London's Brexit pains could mean gains for American luxury real estate (6/28/16)

Fewer Brits Buying Homes in the U.S., Even Before Brexit Vote (6/27/16)

Brexit: It’s (Not?) The End of the World As We Know It (6/25/16)

How Brexit could impact the U.S. housing market (6/24/16)

Brexit Hits Home: Five Questions For The U.S. Housing Market (6/24/16)

Brexit Could Bring More CRE Investors to U.S. Shores (6/24/16)

Does Chinese Flight To Safety Place A Floor Under U.S. Real Estate? (6/16/16)

Being an international agent: 9 things to know about Colombians (6/15/16)

Why China Will Keep Pumping Capital into the US Real Estate Market (6/15/16)

Investors around globe eye Denver’s potential (6/13/16)

Investing in Global Real Estate (6/10/16)

MAY 2016

Chinese U.S. Real Estate Demand Tip of the Iceberg (5/20/16)

Latest International Real Estate Stories From Around The Globe (5/19/16)

Top 10 biggest foreign investors pouring capital into L.A. real estate (5/19/16) 

Chinese Real Estate Investment Plays Growing Role In U.S. Economy (5/17/16)

Chinese pour $110bn into US real estate, says study (5/15/16)

Emerging Luxury Property Markets Reshaping Global Landscape as Sales in Some of the Major Primary Markets Begin to Slow (5/12/16)

Chinese Expand Global Real Estate Buying (5/4/16)

APRIL 2016

Six maps that will make you rethink the world (4/29/16)

Chicago among top 5 housing markets for international buyers (4/29/16)

Cooling luxury property market may get icier thanks to 'dirty money' crackdown (4/23/16)

New train to DIA, Denver rail expansion are turning heads among global investors (4/21/16)

In the Global Economy,There’s No Place Like U.S. Housing (4/17/16)

Senate to take up controversial EB-5 visa program for foreign investors (4/15/16)

Chinese investors pour more money into U.S. businesses than ever before (4/11/16)

Why it is vital that agents understand FIRPTA changes (4/7/16)

US apartments emerge as outstanding real estate rental investment sector worldwide (4/6/16)

U.S. Remains Prime Target for Global Real Estate Investors, CBRE Survey Finds (4/5/16)

Hot in the city (4/2/16)

MARCH 2016

The Real Reasons The Chinese Love Throwing Money Into The Housing Market (3/31/16)

6 Reasons to Invest In Global Real Estate in 2016 (3/29/16)

The latest destination for China’s billions: U.S. hotels (3/28/16)

Despite Weak Currency, Wealthy Mexicans Are Spending More On U.S. Real Estate (3/22/16)

Will International Investment in U.S. Real Estate Continue? (3/21/16)

Can You Guess Where the Hottest Housing Market in the World Is? (3/20/16)

Foreign buyers target a sector you might not expect: Seattle warehouses (3/18/16)

Foreign Buyers of U.S. Assets Show No Signs of Slowing Down (3/16/16)

Global Cross Border Commercial Real Estate Investment to Surpass One Trillion by 2020 (3/16/16)

Hispanic homeownership on the rise (3/15/16)

Chinese developers muscling in to Bay Area housing market (3/13/16)

International real estate investors love Boston (3/9/16)

Foreign buyers and the future of the SoCal housing market (3/9/16)

The EB-5 Program: What Foreign Investors Should Consider (3/8/16)

Foreign Buyers Are Pulling Back, Realtors Say (3/8/16)

FIRPTA Changes Herald Increased Real Estate Investment Funding (3/7/16)

Asian Outbound Property Investment Sets New Record in 2015 at $62 Billion (3/2/16)


Brokers see uptick in international investment in Telluride market (2/29/16)

Foreign investment in Denver commercial real estate totaled more than $980.5 million in 2015 (2/28/16)

Metro Chicago counties to forge regional push for foreign investment (2/26/16)

RAJ Hosts Realtors from Texas (2/25/16)

Nevada REALTORS Visit France to Showcase Silver State Real Estate (2/23/16)

The world’s greatest cities are not actually that great to live in (2/23/16)

House Hunting in ... Jamaica (2/17/16)

Korean investors are investing in debt on Manhattan office towers (2/17/16)


More Canadians Choosing to Sell US Homes (2/15/16)

Moderate growth for global commercial real estate predicted in 2016 (2/10/16)

Beyond the Pin: Getting Involved in International (2/8/16)

The New Flight To Safety: Foreign Money Pours Into U.S. Real Assets (2/5/16)

World’s real estate ‘valued at US$217 trillions (2/3/16)

Buyers from oil-rich nations pivoting to CRE (2/2/16)


International Real Estate Firms Find Purchase Potential in Memphis (1/26/16)

China’s Fall? Do homefront woes signal the end to U.S. investment? (Jan/Feb 16)

Chinese Stock Market Woes Impacting Bay Area Real Estate Market (1/22/16)

Six Global Trends in Commercial Real Estate to Watch for in 2016 (1/13/16)

Cosmic Cities: Small but Global (1/14/16)

World Trade Center Savannah gets EB-5 Status (1/15/16)

Three Chinese firms investing tens of millions of dollars in Chattanooga area (1/17/16)

U.S. Will Track Secret Buyers of Luxury Real Estate (1/13/16)

China stock swoon could boost US real estate (1/8/16)

Dubai Real Estate Institute and FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, Organize First Comprehensive Urban Thinkers Campus in the Middle East (1/10/16)

Realogics Sotheby's International Realty and Seattle Magazine Debut All-Mandarin Publication "Seattle Luxury Living" Amidst an Increasing Local Chinese Consumer Base (1/6/16)

Why The Best Investment In 2016 Might Be Global Real Estate (1/5/16)

US Real Estate Attracting More Foreign Investment In 2016, New York City Remains Top Destination (1/4/16)

India Real Estate: New investor-friendly rules to woo foreign funds (1/1/16)

Where to invest in property in 2016 (1/1/16)

Vietnam adds flesh to regulatory bones to court more investment (12/30/15)