The REALTOR® of the Year Award has been established since 1969.  In order to qualify for a REALTOR® of the Year, a member must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide outstanding service to the Association, the Real Estate Profession and the promotion and practice of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®.  Emphasizes high ethical standards and principles of good real estate practice among other Brokers, Salespersons and the general public and presents a professional image.
  2. Holder of a California Real Estate license or California Appraisal License.
  3. Length of service to the Association.
  4. Actively participates on committees or leadership of the Association.
  5. Regular attendance at Association meetings.
  6. Shows an interest in Association activities and a desire to foster and promote Association ideals and goals.

Year Name of Recipients
2016 Suzi Dunkel-Soto
2015 Gigi Lee
2014 Lee Lieberg
2013 Yin Bihr
2012 Tom Berge, Jr.
2011 Ling Chow
2010 Mel Wong
2009 Arthur A.W. Shu
2008 Brian Chen
2007 Lorraine Clark
2006 Carl Feldstein
2005 Art Luna
2004 Alma Smith
2003 Cecelia “Cyl” Rudar
2002 Nancy Hunt
2001 John Klawiter
2000 Esther Johnson
1999  Dennis Ohler 
1998 *Loraine Lefler
1997 Kathleen Mueller 
1996 Mary Lou Graff 
1995 Joy Lyn Carothers
1994 Robert W. Bodkin, II
1993 *Kenneth L. Peterson
1992 Lorraine Morrison 
1991 Darrell M. Flanery
1990 *Kahn Quan
1989 Ernest W. Henry
1988 *Betty Walther
1987 *A.G. "Jerry" Broadie
1986 Russell J. Stacey
1985 *Rose Wynn
1984 Adela Nicely 
1983 *Robert C. Bent  
1982 *Helen Warren
1981 *John Schumacher
1980 Carl M. Berg
1979 *Robert E. Williams
1978 *William M. Tomanovich
1977 *Roger P. Gosswein 
1976 Thomas O. Berge 
1975 *Anna Garvin  
1974 *Peter Hoyt   
1973 *Raymond Albrecht 
1972 *Clyde Harless  
1971 *Phillip Welty  
1970 *Earle Fennell  
1969 *E.R. Dickerson

* Deceased